StarTek – Grand Junction, CO

StarTek is an active repeat client of PNCI Construction.  As with this remodel, our schedule was set by Star Tek’s need to relocate from South 7th Street back to Eastgate on North Ave.  The lease on South 7th was going to expire and Star Tek was in negotiations with a new line of business that would triple the amount of space required.  PNCI had six weeks for design including two weeks for Building Department review and approval.  We were able to put together the design team and immediately went to work identifying lead time items such as light fixtures, cable rack, roof top units, and furniture.  PNCI then developed a construction budget.  Once the design was 80% we went out for subcontractor pricing.  We hired our subcontractors and with their input completed the design and ordered the lead time items.  Construction was scheduled with day to day activities.  Every trade was involved with per day activities and goals.  At the end of each day the goals were evaluated and new goals and activities were set for the following day.  The project came out with a C.O. on a Friday and the new line of business with 500 employees was switch on Friday evening at 11:00pm.