The construction industry is a complex trade that must evolve as technical and mechanical advances require specialized skills in every phase of building. As building becomes more advanced, attention to safety must also surpass the “recommended” standards.  How do we do that?  We make safety the priority in every job we do.

The protection of our employees, customers, and the public requires planning, enforcement and investment which only a solid program can achieve.  Our ongoing safety program is outlined below.

Safety Program

  • Complies with local, state & federal requirements
  • Compared to and updated per OSHA Standards regularly
  • Adaptation of Customer’s Safety Requirements
  • Ensures safety requirements are included in bids for all jobs

All PNCI Employees Must Complete:

  • Certification in CPR/First Aid
  • Certification in OSHA Standards
  • Safety Standards Training
  • Emergency Training
  • Job Specific Classes
  • Compliance with Program
  • Unsafe conditions reporting

Safety Manager

  • Initial Employee Training
  • Random Safety Inspections
  • Monthly Training Meetings
  • Issues violations and recommendations


Project Supervisors

  • Ensures posters, notices, SDS Manual, fire extinguisher and first aid kits are on every job
  • Daily safety meeting/recommendations before work commences
  • Maintains a supply of personal protection equipment for workers and visitors
  • Weekly training meetings
  • Trained in accident investigation
  • Issues violations and recommendations


  • Submit to PNCI a copy of their own safety program
  • Meet requirements set out for insurance and worker’s compensation
  • Monitored by supervisors
  • Required to correct any unsafe situation that may come up
  • In addition to our program, we are certified by the State of Colorado in the
  • Cost Containment Program. As our community grows, we are dedicated to providing quality construction services in a timely and safe manner.