One Company, Multiple Hats.

Project management designed to bring your vision to life.

With decades of experience, PNCI Construction can handle any of your commercial project needs. From general contractor to construction management to design-build, we have you covered!

General Contractor

PNCI Construction Inc. can serve as your General Contractor in Grand Junction, the Grand Valley, Garfield County, and the Western Slope.

We have the ability to self-perform certain aspects of our projects. Our in-house construction crews can add outstanding value and service for a wide variety of complex and difficult project issues.

Our ability to self-perform many aspects of a project provides our projects’ owners with a value that ranges from cost and schedule control during a project to the ability to quickly address on-going facility maintenance and additional small projects. We manage these situations as closely as we do our own staff.

Subcontractors that specialize often provide value to our projects as well.

Construction Management

This is a concept that has evolved since becoming a familiar term to those in the construction industry. The term was first associated with a contracting method where a manager orchestrates one or more firms that are under direct contract with a project owner.

The term is now often used to describe a general contractor that subcontracts all of the work on a project. PNCI Construction can fit comfortably within both definitions of the term. We have the expertise and management skill to act as a management arm of a multiple prime contractor effort.

If value is optimal for our client, we often subcontract all work on a project to take advantage of the special skills and value offered by various specialty contractors.


A project owner contracts separately with the design team and contractor in the traditional contract arrangement.

In contrast to the traditional arrangement, the design-build method creates a single contract between the owner and design-builder.

Through our long-term relationships with many architecture and engineering firms, we have the ability to form a strong team to create your project from design through project completion – yet add the control that will provide value to your project.

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