Carbondale Regional Fire Protection District

Photo of newly constructed fire engine bay addition built by PNCI construction with fire trucks parked in front

Marble Fire Station #83 – Marble, CO

Apparatus Bay addition and upgrades to existing building which includes remodeling the Community Center room located at the station. This municipal construction project consisted of a remodel of the existing wood framed fire station. Adding a new multi-purpose room and a dirty gear room. A new pre-engineered metal building was erected and attached to the existing building expanding the apparatus bays, adding two new bathrooms, a locker room and a kitchen. Exterior additions included a new sand oil interceptor, new septic system, lift station and leach field as well as two new 1000 gallon propane tanks and new landscaping.

West End Fire Station #84, Glenwood Springs, CO

This construction project for the Carbondale Regional Fire Protection District consisted of a an apparatus bay addition and upgrades to existing building.

Multi-Function Training Building

This 4206 sq. ft. fire training facility was designed and constructed to replicate a residential home, retail storefront, “shop,” and an apartment with fire props for simulating fire rescue in each partial building type. including a stair tower, access ladder, and ships ladder for more training which reach an observation deck and or an exterior balcony and roof deck.  Four levels total as well as a burn pad for burning car simulations.   Interior walls are built out of cold formed framing, corrugated metal siding with insulating blankets faced with stainless steel panels which are unique to this building type for “burning.” For exhausting the emissions from the burns there are three large face mounted exhaust fans.

Exterior finishes of the building consist of fully reinforced standard S grey CMU block, face shell colored block, Berrige™ metal siding and FFI™ metal siding.